All die hard Destiny Childs fans have always looked at Solange as the little sister that could. This year Solo has showed us the beauty of her evolution. Solange is a risk taker and definitely one of the most stylish women in the business right now.


Although Solo is the little sister of our generational superstar she sets her own lane of astounding attributes. From her incredible graceful and Afrocentric wedding, to her soul touching “vibe you can’t find anywhere else” album “A Seat at the table”. Solange just turned 30 this year and she’s rocking the hell out of it.



Let’s talk about this Album Guys! My favorite song right now “Cranes in the sky” is the perfect combination between hypnotizing and emotional. For me this song hit home personally because she was REALLY talking for me. I’ve been through so much stuff in life and it resulted with me doing things to distract myself from those feelings and situations I don’t want to deal with. The visual of this video directed by herself and her husband is sick! I mean Solange really has a talent for Visuals, it’s really breathe taking along with the video for another song on the album “Don’t touch my Hair” which talks about the power in expressing yourself through things like hair, pride, and your mind! (DOPE).

by far some the best videos I’ve seen in a while especially in a creative aspect 



visuals are out of this world Literally



A few of my other favorites on the album are “Weary” a song that starts out with the line “I’M WEARY OF THE WAYS OF THE WORLD”, I can totally relate to this. Then there’s “MAD” featuring LIL Wayne and “Don’t wish me well” just to name a couple. Over all her vocals are on point and most importantly her content was well needed in today’s music. On this album she also has many inspiring interlude’s from Master P and her mom Miss Tina Knowles. This album kind of gave me a Lauren Hill and Sade kind of vibe.






all this black girl magic



There is no need to compare Solange Knowles to Beyoncé, she is her own talent. #Thoughtswithellekay I want to thank Solange for this amazing inspiring body of work and her constant embrace of Black girl magic. She’s a great example of someone who wears her imperfections and individuality very well, everything from her corkiness to her natural hair, she’s appreciated. I’m so glad she took a “SEAT AT THE TABLE” she deserves it.

Love this part of the video ❤

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