Power Of The Hijab



The true purpose of a Hijab for Women


Over the course of year’s style changes, this is inevitable. I am not complaining I love the change in fashion from decade to decade, especially for women. I think fashion and style represents what’s going on in the world. Take for instance we are probably going to have our first female President, I bet if you ask the likely hood of this happening 20 years ago they would laugh, but here we are. Look around, women are like modern day hippies with a dash of rock star. It’s all in expressing, and doing it in dress codes makes you that much more of a BADASS. Let’s take for example RIHANNA, the GOAT, for sure. 3ce53824c4b89a8a84595c23c1800e65

you may not agree with everything RI RI wears but let’s face it she can dress her ass off and there are so many different styles to her, but more importantly what she represents to me is the women who simply “don’t give a F*** what anyone has to say” to be politically correct she represents the generation of women who are

1. Getting money first

2. Doing what makes them happy

3. Breaking barriers

4. Demanding the equality in comparison to men

5. Putting love last (men) (marriage) (babies)

Another trend which Rihanna has also been known to sport is cultural Appreciation. She recently had the faux lox which is a huge trend, embracing the Rasta culture.  More than  ever you’ll see women of color rocking their natural hair and things of that sort, It’s a powerful movement.


What I am super excited about is the trending of a stylish  Hijab usually taken by Muslim women blending their culture with street style making it modern. There’s a unique beauty and creativity when styling a Hijab. For those that are not familiar with what a hijab is, it’s the head covering usually worn by women who are Muslim.

Jasmine wore it best

One would assume that wearing a hijab and the typical conservative clothing would block out the right for women to express themselves through style. NOPE, there are a wide range of women that make some of the most beautiful clothing I have ever seen. It’s especially one of my favorite’s styles for a number of reasons. Although I am not Muslim I understand that religion of Islam, monotheistic Hindu and Abrahamic are beautiful. I also get the purpose of the Hijab, and it does not stop women from being ridiculously stylish.tumblr_ntdbnkqxad1udpreeo1_500

In the generation of free women I appreciate the balance of keeping your faith and your flyness, this is not an easy task. I also think the style of clothing from these cultures are always very beautiful and classy. I like that a Hijab actually gives us the opportunity to show off our super beat face (makeup) and our features revealing more face than body, I’m sure this tactic will attract a better man. I also appreciate the extravagant weddings of the culture from the Hijab and nose rings down to the henna. Check out  stylish ideas from some of the beautiful  women who take a spin on Hijab all the way to bridal Lehenga and cool henna!  On each photo you will find the Instagram of each lovely lady. enjoy ! 

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check out @Rukiaullah


her colors are amazing


wedding Dress Goals
check out @HouseofNeetalulla




    Paki meets chick this is good friend of mine follow her @_mehakijaz

another cool way to wear the look isn’t this so cute ? follow her at @Minnasubhani





Now This is how you attend a Trini wedding


check out @stylesavita for pieces



I want to know is where can I purchase ? follow @Zahra_nasser__
@lazari_byamy for makeup and head pieces


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