could you date a Bailey ?

 In my spare time, I don’t do much but a good show or movie on a Friday night or Sunday morning is on the top of my wish list. I live vicariously through characters and have tons of empathy for them. I am that girl to cry when the guy breaks up with the girl for the skank who wears too much makeup and too short of a dress. I’m also the same girl who gets extremely excited when the two least expected characters randomly form a romance. Moral of the story is that shows are near and dear to my heart. Moving forward I will be giving thoughts on some of our favorite shows, characters and movies.

Let’s start with one my all-time favorites, Grey’s Anatomy.Most of you have probably watched this ABC original or binged watched it like myself. If you have not watched this show you are truly missing out! Grey’s has everything, relatable characters, drama, twist, romance and so much more. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has watched this show and said to themselves “I want to be a surgeon”. If your confused I’ll give you brief overview of the show. Grey’s Anatomy takes place at Seattle Grace Hospital starting with a group of surgeon interns, we will follow the lives and journeys of the inters including Meredith Grey (hint Grey’s Anatomy). As they move forward they experience everything from once in a lifetime surgeries to love and lost and things get pretty hectic, some interns survive and some don’t. We also embark on the lives of the pretty major Doctors that they work under, one of my favorites Miranda bailey has quite the role at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Miranda Bailey

Bailey is a no non-sense focused Doctor who worked her way up to Chief of surgery, for majority of the show Bailey keeps her personal life private and out the work place, she even frowns upon the other romantic relationships that have developed between her coworkers.This all comes to a halt when bailey meets Ben an attending Anesthesiologist at Seattle Grace. Ladies Ben has the effort that we have all been looking for from our men, but sadly could never get it.


Ben puts up with Bailey’s work first lifestyle, her turning him away because it wasn’t the right time to date, and her lack of affection because of her title at work. Ben put’s all his efforts in to convincing Bailey that they can still live happily as a family even with all the craziness at Seattle Grace. Throughout the season Bailey becomes too consumed with work completely blowing Ben off all the time, whenever he addresses her about it, her true Nazi side comes to light, this is the nick name given to her based off her tough attitude. One episode Ben planned dinner for Bailey and himself. We know that she really wants to go, but she’s caught up with an emergency surgery where she gets out hours later, as Bailey reaches downstairs, there is her Prince Ben waiting and he had the downstairs set up like a restaurant with dinner and drinks, he explains to her that he knew she would somehow not make the dinner reservation so he brought it to her. See what I mean? EFFORT!

what it’s like to date a “Bailey”

The engagement had to be the most cringe worthy. Here’s Ben trying to get Bailey to do a word puzzle and she refuses because she feels it’s stupid and she’s too busy, although the whole episode she seems to be finding more work than what she actually has. After a blow up in the operating room of how stupid and easy the word puzzle is, she does it to prove a point that it’s easy an not worth her time, she then realizes that it was his creative way of asking if she would marry him. What a way to ruin the mood.

This brings so many questions to mind. On one hand, we all admire Baileys work ethic and commitment, it’s the very reason we love her as a Doctor and a character. BUT could YOU date a Bailey? It’s a lot at risk, like the relationship to start. Bailey’s great but dating someone like her could be extremely tough because you know that you would always come after their career, and did I mention that Bailey has had a failed marriage in the past due to this very issue, simply too consumed with work.  Let’s think outside the box for a second Bailey’s are more common than you think, yea, sure, most people don’t get to date one of the top surgeons there is but there are others that have the same lifestyle. For instance, an entertainer (singer, dancer, actor, model,) a student someone in law school or medical school. What about someone who has another type of priority that they put before their relationship like a child or even their friends? I’m sure it’s not easy. The little time spent together, the last minute cancellations or even dealing with the bad mood due to whatever else they have going on. Those are just the cons and most people initially will say NO but lets imagine that this person that you meet is perfect in every other way possible from looks all the way down to chemistry and like Ben, you love them like you never loved before, are you really willing to give that up ? we all know relationships are all about sacrifice and improvise.

wedding day

For me, I have dated a bailey and it didn’t end well. I thought in the beginning because I had a career motivated attitude that I could handle it, but it was too much. I completely felt ignored and unappreciated. At some point, I figured that there was someone else or that they weren’t that into me even though I kept being told not to worry. I truly don’t like to be smothered and I like space too but dating a Bailey can leave you really lonely especially when your efforts go unknown, and it’s hard to fault a Bailey especially if their out saving lives like Doctor Miranda Bailey herself, it’s her passion. I might night date someone like her now because I’m young and want more but 15 years down the line I feel that someone IS without a date my soulmate, I just might take that chance, like Ben did.



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  1. I have watched nearly every season of Grey’s Anatomy and I have to agree with you on how dating a Bailey at a young age doesn’t work out too well. I pretty much had the same experience but hopefully down the line, dating a Bailey will be a much more positive thing!

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