Adulterers, what would you do ?



After hearing so much talk about the movie “Adulterers” I decided to give it a fair chance. People were absolutely raving about what happens so I was very excited when I got the chance to sit down and watch it. Many, many scenarios ran through my head as the movie started to heat up but I’ll get in to that a little later.


The  start

The movie starts off pretty slow dropping many hints of things we don’t know of, as of yet. A license plate, a few names, small things of that sort. As we move forward we will watch the main character Samuel (Sean Faris) mingle at work. There seems to be some more hints dropped at the store that he works at.  I say this because there’s is an obvious focus on a friendly girl at the job, a customer who asked for help and his manager. While Samuel is at work he says multiple times that he wants to get home early to his wife because it’s their anniversary. His manager gives him a hard time about leaving but after he’s done doing his work, he leaves. On his ride, back home there are many close up shots of his roses for his wife and the excitement on his face.


As Samuel enters his house he takes a plop on the couch. The house is very quiet and he then hears a sound coming from the upstairs. When Samuel goes upstairs the worst thing possible happens. He walks in on his wife Ashley (Danielle Savre) having what seems like very enjoyable sex with another man Damien (Mechad Brooks). Immediately Samuel gets worked up and upset and grabs a gun. Ashley and Damien were frantic and apologetic asking Samuel to calm down. Ashley immediately claimed it was just sex and that it was not an ongoing relationship.




Throughout the Movie we do not see Samuel budge. He’s extremely upset, he’s holding a gun and worst of all he’s demanding explicit detail about Ashley and Damien’s sexual relationship. After yelling and screaming on the two for more information Samuel then begins to make request. Ashley is given the option to have sex and perform fellatio on Damien in front of Samuel or die, But that’s not enough. After still wanting the two dead Samuel starts to request even more unbearable things that they are not willing to do.  At some point, Samuel gets in contact with Damien’s wife in hopes of ruining his relationship, she’s extremely upset and states that Damien has cheated in the past, it doesn’t stop there. Damien’s wife comes over and the audience is left thinking that she will most likely join in the torturing by yelling and screaming but her and Samuel have sex in front of Ashley and Damien. After, she curses Damien and leaves him in tears after what he just witnesses. The Dialogue between Samuel and his wife get intense as she brings up things that upset him, like how she was in a committed relationship when they had first met. As things get emotional Ashley drops a bomb saying that as a child she was molested on behalf of her dad turning a blind eye.


The End


When Ashley is sharing her emotional story about her being forced to have relationships with a man that worked with her father there is a flashback to the hints that were dropped early in the movie that point back to the manager. My interpretations were that the guy that Samuel worked for is the same guy that molested or raped her as a child. There were other hints that were brought up but I didn’t make the connection. Samuel’s coworkers are worried at this point and one girl comes to the house to look for him. Samuel is too heartbroken and emotionally wrecked and even after Ashley’s sad story he still kills both of them and buries their bodies in the backyard. The movie gets a little more confusing to me because the next scene suggests that none of this ever happened, he’s on his couch from work with the flowers but when he goes upstairs there is no one is there, but he seems confused as well, one suggestion is that maybe all of this stuff happened in the past and he relived it.






Over all I enjoyed the movie, the intensity and the plot but it left me very confused, and I’m not sure if it was purposely. I also would say it was dragged out a bit they could have cut maybe 45 minutes of dialogue to keep the attention of the audience. I can say that it was conversation starter. What would you do if you walked in on your significant other on your anniversary having sex with someone else in your bed? keep in mind that you own a gun in the next room. Do you flip out and possibly commit murder like Samuel or do you take the high road and react calmly, like break up and leave the house?  If you would do something totally different comment or take the poll below, can’t wait to hear responses


One thought on “Adulterers, what would you do ?

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