Indecent Proposal

As Valentines just passed and love is the air, I spent some spare time catching up on some oldies but goodies. I got re watch one of the classics Indecent Proposal. Not exactly your typical love story but one to remember for sure. Even I have watched many times, each time gets my thoughts running wild. If you haven’t watched before I’ll give you a brief break down.


This classic starts off with some pretty explicit love scenes, so grab your popcorn and put the kids away. The love scenes are all a part of the intense romantic relationship between a married couple David and Diana played by Demi Moore and Woody Harreslon, I mean these guys are head over hills.  Real estate broker Demi Moore finds a nice spot for her architect husband to build the home he always wanted. After some serious financial issues, they go to Las Vegas at shot to win some big money. After losing all their savings in a game of Russian Roulette life takes a turn. The two are approached by a millionaire Gage (Robert Redford). He offers them a deal. The deal is to spend the night with the wife for a million dollars. This isn’t just any million dollars’ folks, these million dollars could take all their troubles away, or so they thought. After some debating whether or not they should the two take the deal. Diana is flown out to an exclusive fancy private yacht and is given another deal to stay with him or go back to husband at the toss of a coin Gage wins and Diana stays the night.




Let’s just say back at home, David didn’t sleep too well and from here on out he grew very insecure. The marriage between the two went downhill and Diana continues her relationship with millionaire Gage, only to learn that it may not work out and that he’s quite the game player. At some point, Diana learns the coin flip in the beginning of the movie was a trick coin. Gage breaks up with her and she goes back to her husband who is indeed there waiting.



This time around watching Indecent Proposal a lot things crossed my mind but differently from before. I’m older now and the idea of marriage in society has slightly changed. Less people are getting married and more people are getting married for financial purposes, so if it were me I thought, would I take the deal. It’s a tuff question and I’m leaning towards no, but I’ll be honest say a small part does depend on how bad we need the money also I will say if it were my husband that had to do the one night stand I would let him do it if I trust that he wouldn’t run off with the millionaire super woman.


Would you do it? Or let your wife/husband do? what would the circumstances have to be? would you look at them differently if they even considered it ? leave your thoughts I’d love to hear

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