girl power !

Happy National Women’s Day

Today is March,8th 2017 and I am  feeling  the energy of girl power all over.

I work with children so I’m surrounded by lady parts all day, but I must say it felt good say “Happy National Women’s Day today. the love, the unity and empowerment is in the air. I think there is a certain appreciation not only from one woman to another but from everyone, that has me feeling really great about what’s to come for us in 2017. Children are showing appreciation, Men are even showing love today! I could get used to this. What really got me going this morning were the women empowerment songs on the radio this morning. All my super girlie memories of the  iconic female groups, movies and moments came back to me. Of course I decided to write a list in honor of this day.

Enjoy Your International Day Ladies  !



which spice girl were you ?


spice 2





who remembers this video





“the bend and snap it works every time”








4 thoughts on “girl power !

  1. I love your post!! Girls have to know at the earliest age that they are capable of realizing their dreams! I love the feminine figures you highlighted in your blog. The woman who inspires me the most among your list is Beyonce because we all know who run the world… Girls! 😉


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