If someone asked you right now, define feminist, what would your response be? Who would come to mind? I think the characteristics of a feminist in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s have drastically changed from our version in 2017. Then again, it’s safe to say that Women have evolved, or at least the circumstances have evolved.

60 fem

I once met a young woman who told me “Kim K is our greatest feminist” and I replied “why?” and she responded “because she sleeps with whoever she want, she doesn’t care and she’s rich and beautiful through it all, that’s a feminist!”. For the first time in a long time I was speechless. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or challenge her on her statement. None the less this comment stuck with me for a long time, the more I thought about it the more it actually started to make sense. In the eyes of women 13-30 maybe Kim Kardashian is someone to look up to even if you don’t want to because she’s so damn popular you literally don’t have a choice! At the same time when I think about all the women who I personally consider feminist they are the total opposite of Kim simply because they DO care, they care specifically about the other young women coming behind them.

kim & amber


Amber Rose a popular ex stripper turned business woman now runs a campaign called slut walk which brings awareness to women being mistreated and focuses on rape and name calling, the main tactic is to actually wear less clothes and to call yourself a slut or whore to take the negativity out of the terms. Interesting right? The entire purpose of this campaign is to say women can and will do everything that men do (equal rights) and should not be mistreated and slandered for it! And…Yeah, I see where this is going but I have a totally different outlook of the world of femininity.

What if I said our feminist in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s were doing it wrong? Stay with me here. I say they did it wrong because a lot of the things they were requesting was only to be equal. But why equal, why not just more for ourselves! Forget the comparison to men because let’s face it, they aren’t that great. A wise woman once said “fighting to be equal to men is stupid” and I totally agree. Just like our vintage feminist, todays feminist are all about being like men, doing what men do. Let’s take for example the double standards in dating for instance. Men are promiscuous by nurture and we are bullshitted that it’s by nature so they cheat on their wives, have as much sex as possible act like they can’t have honest feelings and connections with anyone who has a vagina, in the mist of this, they go on in life hurting many people all in the name of being a man and all actuality their just pretty shitty people. Since when did feminists want to be shitty people? Today women are being feminist by doing the same exact thing and calling it equal rights and yes, maybe you should be able to do these things without being called a hoe or slut but as an individual would it make you a better person. With this mindset we have feminist who feel gay people shouldn’t have certain rights or even certain ethnics, which is indeed a total joke! See, when I think about feminist I think of the better person, the better judgment the bigger heart. It should be fighting for rights in humanity not comparison to men. Even the way we dress, when I choose to wear a more conservative outfit (or not) it should because of how I think of my body and my own morals, nothing about a man. I think we need to reconsider feminist and feminisms today or we’re just going to have a bunch of cold hearted, naked, egotistic sluts running around the world both male and female.


I’ll end this with my favorite feminist, she’s talented, strong, classy and sexy! She’s also a wife so I’m going to assume she’s not anti-man, she constantly sets the bar and gives those young women and men a lot to look up to! Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles Carter!



here’s some good reads for women empowerment that are great for men and women.

feminist books


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