Conversation could change a life



If there is one thing I appreciate about this generation, it’s the curiosity of creating a better life for oneself. Not the “how to get a good job become rich” better life but the creating a better YOU which ultimately will create a better life.

I guess you can say I learned some useful things before college including grammar and how to count. History and science has changed my perspective for the better but I wish that in all the 12 years of my education before college I would have been more prepared for the real world

.so many


Here’s a list of classes I would take if i had the chance to go back to high school
1. Power of saving money
2. Handling a heart break in a healthy way
3. Building credit
4. Laws to know to avoid arrest or fines
5. Taxes 101
7. Finding peace of mind
8. Learning to forgive
9. Communicating with your partner despite what your parents showed you
10. Ownership (of your identity, thoughts and property)

My 16 year old self would laugh at the thought of learning about self-love. Years later having a life coach and practicing self-care are quite popular. How many people do you know that have worked jobs that they hate and have no idea why they even work there? How many people stay in completely unhealthy relationships because they are dependent on the other person? How many people do you know that have dreams and aspirations but can’t find the will power to chase them? I know plenty! This sometimes includes me.

me at 17

I remember reading “We’re going to need more wine” By Gabrielle Union. Gabrielle’s friendships, her choice of men to take seriously and her negativity towards other women all reflected how she felt about herself. She saw nothing wrong with her mind set and then, she met her life coach.


Maybe, a life coach or therapist won’t fix what’s broken or imperfect but the power of conversation is extremely underrated, the power of having a positive person who won’t judge is underrated. The power of guidance is underrated and much needed.

I remember being in high school dealing with a death of someone close to me. I was 17 my grades had dropped; I was super depressed and didn’t even know it. I was dealing with a million deep issues and had to get up every morning for School. I wanted to graduate but at the time I wouldn’t mind dying in my sleep. I wanted to go to college but I was so overwhelmed with life that I never actually got that chance to start preparing. And then I met her.

My first encounter with my high school guidance counselor was an eye opener. All of my peers would go to her for small favors and advice and I had finally stumbled across her office and decided to ask about my options after high school. Our conversation went something like this …

Me- I want to go to School but I have no real family support and because of this I’m financially limited to practically nothing, what are my options?
Her- well first figure out what you want to do, if you don’t know, don’t stress it you can always change your major, but try to get an idea of what you like to do. You can always start at a Community College to save a lot of money and if your home environment is non-supportive the way you say it is, I suggest you go away to study, you need the experience.
Me- but what about money, how will I support myself?
Her- you will find a job through the school or waitress like I did, either way do what’s best for you! Make sure you get in to a School and better yourself, it’s possible, even if you feel like it’s not right now, it’s possible!


After that she helped me with applying to Universities, deadlines and motivated me to get excited about starting college and the following year, I did. She changed my perspective, she listened to my sob stories about my life and told me that everything would be okay, and it was. She probably doesn’t know this but she was the first person that I had ever opened up to and it was a huge weight off my shoulders. She also had a very “In the end everything will alright” easy attitude that inspired me to be like her. I wanted to be like that, positive and helping others, this was the beginning of me figuring out what moves me.

Dear Ms. Andrea Albano, Thank you for everything you ever said to me! My life coach before there was ever “Life coaches”.



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