Protect your energy by all cost

Protecting your energy requires the same structure of work that it takes to lose weight, move up in your work place, to grow your credit score and keep a healthy PH balance (ladies). Although all of these things have a particular reason for being important, your energy sits in the center of them all. When I was younger I used to always think of energy as a physical term sort of like whether or not I was tired, but as I get older I’m realizing how much more it means to have energy, strong energy, good energy!  It’s essential what will color the rest of your life.


I think we have all been in situation or a place in our lives where our thoughts are sadden, our drive/ motivation has lacked  and we just can’t seem to be genuinely happy at the moment. Note to self – start creating the self-energy that you need and want then protect that shit!

I’m no expert on perfect positive energy but I live by the rules of thoroughly protecting it with all that you have. Here’s what I do keep mine on track and where I have failed miserably to do so.


  1. Speaking to people who always have optimistic and positive out looks on life- when I’m being negative and go on speak to others who have that same energy nothing ever changes for the better, we are just miserable together.
  2. Surround yourself with those who attract good people and good energy – Having a circle of people that always seems to have great things manifest in their lives will help you keep the faith for what’s to come in yours.
  3. Don’t confuse sugar with salt- nice and charming people aren’t always good on the inside. I have played victim of seeing the good in people and ignoring the bad. Pay attention and be cautious to what the bad might be and ask yourself if it could shift your energy for the worse, it may not be worth taking the chance, in my experience it usually isn’t.
  4. Work for the peace you want- shoot for what brings you happiness and understand the outline and work that it takes to get there, no short cuts, get excited about the journey!
  5. Be positive- dwelling on the difficult things in life will only make you feel bad, spend some time with those feelings and then move on and think positive- sometimes I fantasize about things that would make me happy and it’s inspiring.
  6. Don’t attach yourself to people or things that could change suddenly- when you give so much of your energy to a person or thing that could leave your life suddenly they can easily take away from you the positivity and happiness that you once possessed, learning to only give part of your energy is a lot more safe.
  1. Take time to your self- sometimes stories and stress from my friends and family can make me feel burdened, responsible and completely shift my energy. Although it is great to be there for people sometimes you need to take a break and separate yourself from the shared negativity. Sometimes I listen, give simple advice and distance myself for a while until I’m mentally prepared to take on the problems of others.


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