Myth Vs. Reality (intuitions)

  1. The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.
    “we shall allow our intuition to guide us”
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I started to write about something else today but something has been way too prevalent  in my life lately and that THING is my intuition. From an early age us women have been told about our sixth sense but we don’t really understand it when we’re younger. I’m sure it’s  because we have so many other things that we are discovering about ourselves and this unexplainable feeling doesn’t seem like the most reliable guidance of life.

Now that I have relocated and started an entire new life for myself , decision making is really significant for me. I had a serious habit of  asking the opinions of trusted friends and family members for advice before making any decisions for myself, now in my present time I tend to be more self sufficient. Without a doubt this happened naturally because of the powerful, unexplained, constant, supernatural feeling that I get whenever I’m in doubt. It’s really hard to explain, sort of like horoscopes; I don’t have any scientific hard facts BUT it’s so faultless.

When it comes to women dating in this ERA, it’s our duty to listen to our God given super power. 

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So… it’s not a myth, let me share how my intuition has guided my life lately.

  1. I worked a Job for a year, like every job it had its good, bad, and ugly. After another contract offer my Intuition wouldn’t allow me to renew. I had some pretty good reasons to stay, but I gathered up enough bullshit reasons not to stay and it’s been one the best decisions that I have made for myself.
  2. Relationships-Oh boy, here’s my most recent experience

I met the most amazing guy, we hit it off immediately at a birthday party for a mutual friend. After he introduced himself to me I fell for a really nice smile and French accent (typical). Needless to say we had the most interesting conversation, like one of those memorable, cute, you can tell your kids this story kind of first conversations. It started off nice with the basics of where we from then we argued about something silly, after I apologized for offending him, he said okay “let’s start over, do you like chicken?”  we laughed and literally had an entire stupid but entertaining conversation about chicken. After talking all night we exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch. He was very sincere about wanting to talk to me on the phone very soon and getting to know  more about me, of course the feeling was mutual, it was a nice night. Over the course of two weeks he tried to schedule a first official date and showed excitement about it. I was busy and our schedules just didn’t coordinate. One day he texted me something very sweet that I’ll keep private and when I responded, IT happened. I just got a feeling that something wasn’t right, but on the surface everything was right. I just felt he had someone else. We still kept in contact but I subconsciously pulled myself away. Fast forward, we finally had a proper first date and just like the night I met him, the chemistry was crazy, we talked and flirted and I’m extremely attracted to him. So then we  laughed and danced the entire night. Not like cute awkward dancing but like you’re the only person here right now kind of dancing, I had an awesome time, the most fun since I left my home in NewYork. When we departed ways, he bought me 40 roses and showed a great concern for me getting home safely, we made out like teenagers as I waited for Limo option taxi (he insist, he payed). Then IT kicked in ……so I went for it “are you married?”  his face said it all. He insisted that this was not the time or place to have the discussion and BlAH BLAH BLAH. After going back and forth about it for a while I left it alone, he promised we would talk later.

To my surprised he called me the next morning and we had an honest conversation . He told me he’s in a relationship with a girl who lives in Hangzhou but since he’s met me he’s been having doubts and he doesn’t want us to end just yet, I sort of believed him. I felt really bad because I’ve been the girl that’s been cheated on before and it doesn’t feel good. Obviously we couldn’t continuing seeing each other  although he wanted to and made a tempting case as to why we should, I Kindly declined.

The reason I’m sharing this personal story is because us women are often looking for signs for who and what’s right for us, but it’s within us. Sounds cliché but I can go on and on with similar stories like this, where I just knew, Whenever I go against that feeling I regret it. Understanding this came with experiences and trusting myself. I hope you can reflect on this blog the next time you find yourself  wondering what’s  pulling you in a certain direction, it’s you, follow it.

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