Me and JustAfro  known for His skit producing and scoring a role on Netflix very own  THE GET DOWN got the chance to mash things up and discuss the movie antics today , Hollywood crushes, porn and more check it out and leave feed back ! here is the YouTube link below    

Manchester by the tissues

Yep. grab your tissues Every now and then you sit down and watch a film and all of a sudden, you’re watching yourself. I guess that tells us more about ourselves than the movie huh? Although it can actually be painful, I can appreciate this act of opening up wounds of my own while experiencing …

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"Sometimes  Man needs glorious mediation including guardian angels  to face our battles " - Elle Kay                                                                Bless The Child 2000   Bless the child is extremely important to me and it is a book mark in my life. A film that had a prophet I could relate to. There’s always a religious movie that comes around and makes you …

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