Blood WARS


Protecting your children comes naturally for most women and that’s no different for Selene (Kate Beckinsale) one of the strongest solders in the Underworld. Safe to say things have not changed in newest sequel Underworld Blood Wars. If you haven’t watched Blood Wars, or any of the other underworld movies it’s about a war in the underworld involving vampires and vampire eating giant half human wolves, Lycans.


Last time we seen Selene she was fighting in war for her daughter who is half vampire and half Lycan. Her lover had been killed and her vampire family has betrayed her. Selene last promised her daughter that after all the war she would go on and stay out of her life because collectively they thought it would be safer.




As things heat up in Blood wars we learn that everyone is concerned with Selene and her daughter in need of their blood, which is rare and very important to be on top of the food chain. After being tricked Selene is once again forced to fight in war to protect yourself and her daughter, but this time she gains new enemies and allies that make one hell of a fight. There’s a new leader of the Lycan’s who has a history with Selene’s deceased lover and who seems to be different from the other Lycan’s. I’ve heard that this is supposed to be the last Underworld but I can’t find that to be true, this new level war and protect by any means mom Selene leaves you excited for the next movie.  Before watching the 5th sequel I heard a lot of bad reviews and I’m not sure exactly why, I’ll  give Blood Wars an honest 3 1/2 stars for good action and a good plot!




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