“Sometimes  Man needs glorious mediation including guardian angels  to face our battles ” – Elle Kay

                                                               Bless The Child 2000



Bless the child is extremely important to me and it is a book mark in my life.

A film that had a prophet I could relate to. There’s always a religious movie that comes around and makes you feel something, spiritually, for me this was it.

I remember watching Bless the child completely knowing it was false but believing in God and all that he does. This Film may not be the best for church goers who can’t stomach an honest rated R film but it is for believers who lived a Rated R life.


This Movie straddles the idea that evil is real and challenges man every day but as real as it may be so is the faith of God and he is even more powerful than Satin. The film shows the power of prayer and grasp the face of spirituality.

There is a rather Important scene that shows one of main characters express her disinterest and belief in god when asked about the bible, in response the stranger in the scene says whether you want to believe it or not it exist, which brings the movie full circle because the main character later learns from life lessons that the power of god is real.






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