6 Tips to a quick flat belly and small waist

Okay so everyone is always looking for ways to get fit and lose weight, whether it be for a dress, for the summer, maybe a vacation? All in all, losing weight fast through “secrets” and tricks is always a trending topping but how often do these things work?. Well I’ll let you in on some stuff that worked for me, and the stuff that didn’t.

My 23rd birthday is arriving and I plan to spend it on an island somewhere, only issue is around this time of the year I usually get a little more fluffy due to finals and holidays, granted, fully clothed I’m totally comfortable but in a two piece eh not so much. I would say I’m about 10 pounds over my comfortable weight but trust me I am not panicking. Here is what worked fast for my body type over the years to help me lose pounds.

on the left i’m about 10 pounds heavier, on the right i was not working out much, but I did follow my Tips my waist was about 4 in a half inches smaller.


First things  first let’s discuss the many things that absolutely do not work, you’ll save a lot of money by NOT trying out these things, take my advice.

  1. Skinny teas – NO they don’t work for losing weight. What they can do is help you detox your system and curve your appetite. In other words, it could help you eat less and give you the runs, so stay near a toilet. They are not all bad BUT it’s not exactly to lose weight, to see result you would have to exercise and diet (which if your doing so you will lose weight anyway) and if you want to save some money I would recommend going to your local grocery or health store and pick an all-natural mild laxative tea, they literally do the same thing!

  1. Lemonade Diet- This diet is quite popular. It’s been known to be a celebrity secrete for years, but in my opinion it’s a waste of money! The first time I tried the lemonade diet I did it all with all natural ingredients like it recommended. The number one reason why this probably didn’t work for me is because it’s absolutely disgusting, I was willing to do anything but drink this lemonade for another day. Epic fail. I tried again in 2013 but this time it was already made in a bottle, I got it from an all natural teashop for a reasonable price (30 bucks) I followed it faithfully and don’t feel it did what it should have, I lost about 3 pounds in a week. Keep in mind this crash diet requires you to eat little to nothing so working out was difficult, I had no energy, also it made me extremely nauseous.

  1. Waist trainers- waist trainers are tricky because some of them do work in my opinion. The most popular waist trainers are the rubber material ones with the three hooks, ladies do not waste your money its nothing more than an overly expensive girdle. It will make you sweat more in the stomach area but for half the price you could purchase a sweat belt. PSA these things will not make you lose weight, what does work I’ll get to in a moment.

Okay now what you have been waiting for ..the shit that does work I’ll keep it short and if your taking my advice I will assume that you don’t drink a lot of soda or juice , and you work out at least twice a week when trying to lose weight.

  1. Gallon of water a day, this may seem cliché but drinking a ton of water religiously will change your life and will change your body! stick to it I promise you won’t regret, but just so you know this is a lot harder than what it seems for beginners start with 4 bottles a day then work your way up!

  1. Lemon/lime ginger and mint – where would I be without this trio? I promise you if you drink at least one a day you will not only see but feel the difference. I sometimes just put some in hot water and my stomach just looks flatter the next day try drinking two cups a day and see if you see a difference a day. Side note- any one of these combined can be a natural laxative (nothing uncontrollable) so try to do it in the evening or night or even before you head home from day activities.


  1. Light carb light meat – I have a vegan friend who told me the benefits of cutting out meat and I owe her big time! Just so you guys know there was a point in time when I thought I could not live without beef, steak to be specific. But after seeing the changes I’m never going back. With a light carb (one a day) no RED meats and working out twice a week my abs started to form in 2 weeks, I was so happy. I also dropped 6 pounds in 2- weeks of consistency and not a lousy 6 pounds the pounds that made a difference, places like my face and tummy. Even if its temporary cut out red meat and you’ll see pounds shred immediately.

  1. Green tea coffee pills – I tried out the green tea coffee pills I got from CVS, they are all natural comes in a green and white box. They work wonders, they don’t necessarily make you lose weight but it gives a lot of energy and curves your appetite helping you eat smaller meals. This is super beneficial if your busy like myself because the extra boost will have you in the gym and ready to work out more than ever, the hardest party for me is getting to the job, these pills solved that issue.

  2. green tea.jpeg

  1. You want abs? cardio ! cardio cardio cardio! Very simple, no buts or what if’s. a lot of people think oh let me do some crunches, and crunches are cool but cardio is what gets you a flat stomach and over all to lose pounds. My go to is a running a mile a day at the least or looking on YouTube for 10 minute extreme cardio blast workouts, this is just 10- 15 minutes of your time if you can’t make it to the gym, trust me if you stay consistent you will see a difference!

  1. Waist trainers – okay, as I mentioned before, waist trainers are tricky because I have tried a few and don’t believe all of them work. The basic sweat band is pretty cool but they do exactly that! Make you sweat. sweat bands help you lose all the extra water weight around the stomach area but in my opinion to not make your stomach flatter or waist smaller. The rubber waist trainers the have hooks are probably the most popular because they are more comfortable and they have a firm hold for shape wear. In my opinion if you work out and diet it could help your stomach in a sense that you are holding your abs more than ever. Corset training is the more historic looking hard cinchers, THEY DO WORK, but its sacrifice. Corset training takes a while to start seeing results maybe 2- 3 months of consistency at least 4 hours a day. Corset training worked for me but it was very difficult and very painful also if you have job that requires you to sit, forget about this method. Corset can also be very expensive (100 or more) for a good one. And another con is even if you stick to working out and dieting once you stop training your waist your body will slowly return to your normal waist size before training.





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